Prince Banks + Filpalot = CP Wedding

“Once upon a time, there was a princess named Filpalot, Prince Banks was looking for the perfect girl… They met each other and together, they are gonna have the wedding of their dreams”

Prince Banks + Filpalot = CP Wedding (Special Edition Post)

Hi there! Here’s the invitation to our Club Penguin wedding, after watching keep reading the post (specially Filpalot, Nikzilla and Pikabye81)

The wedding will be themed Fairy Tale. Message for Filpalot: Hey, about the comment I made of girls behind us, make them girls and boys but just make them wear fairy tale themed outfits.

Pikabye81 will be our priest, if he can’t be, we will just keep on and say “I Do” 😉

Saturday 25, April ’09 (same time as my old party) 10:45 A.M. P.S.T. THIS TIME I WILL RECORD AND UPLOAD AND POST IT I PROMISE! Of course, if Aprila gets there (All YouTube gets to watch the invitation) of course we will quickly get security.

First we will go to Filpalot’s, then Nikzilla’s igloo for “Nikzilla’s Snack Bar”. When we finish we will go all over Club Penguin with our white puffles and around us penguins with instruments parading because we will be “Just Married”

The wedding theme song are “We’re In Heaven” and “This Is Me”

Hope you can do it:

~Prince Banks


Igloo Decorating Contest (Club Penguin)

Hey Guys! Prince Banks here! The Club Penguin team prepared a Igloo Decorating contest this 2008 with the theme of Christmas. So you guys are so excited? Let me tell you some stuff about this contest:

  • The prize will be of 25,000 coins! I hope I win 😆
  • The winners will be announced on January 1st Newspaper
  • Use your imagination to decorate!


If I win I will thank Pika and make a special post about him (as I promised with my subbers) and I will post the picture of my igloo!!!!

Until then, Waddle On!

-Prince Banks

New Christmas Videos!

Prince Banks here! This will be probably one of the 3 last posts of the year… 😦 So I decided that in this post I should post ALL THE VIDEOS the videos I’ve made and not posted yet.

  1. Christmas Adventure

2. Rockin’ Around The X-mas Tree – Hannah Montana

3. The Christmas Party Song –  Club Penguin

Ok If I didn’t post them all it means that I’m posting them in “My Videos” bye!

-Prince Banks

Top Secret Month and Prince Banks Parade is coming!

As I said before, the next video will be Top Secret! Mwahahaha!!!  It was recorded in one day and now we are in the editing. And if you are wondering why I am keeping stuff Top-Secret it’s because it’s the Top-Secret month in Prince Banks Studios. It will end in…. I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU! IT’S ALSO TOP-SECRET 😆 Anyway, here’s something not SOOO Top-Secret: the making of the Top-Secret party. It’s going to be cool. Keep checking the site for future info of the Top-Secret Party in Prince Banks Studios.

Prince Banks Parade

We are having a tradition in Prince Banks Studios! The Prince Banks Parade! It’s coming sooooooon…. AND REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NOT THE TOP-SECRET PARTY.

Have a nice day!!!

-Prince Banks