Q & A

Here you can ask the team questions and answers….

NIKZILLA: How you doing?
FILPALOT: I’m great!

Like a safe chat for the ones that have no acess to Prince’s chat. Made specially for Nikzilla & Filpalot.


23 Responses to “Q & A”

  1. Nikzilla Says:

    Please ask questions anyone in Prince Banks studios will answer!

  2. Nikzilla Says:

    I am a part of Prince Banks studios if your wondering

  3. princebanks Says:

    lol let’s start
    Do You Like pie?
    The best I got lol

  4. Nikzilla Says:

    lol. I hate pie. Really I hate it!

  5. flipalot Says:

    so do i. i only like the whiping cream if there is any

  6. ::NikziĿĿÆ:: Says:

    u use unregistered hypercam2 right well i might be making videos so do u have to pay anything? And is it safe to download. and if u have to pay do they take extra money????

  7. ::NikziĿĿÆ:: Says:

    I met posywillos today. And i keep goin up to him and talkin and he runs away. And I wanted to play card jitsu with u and then me and posywillos played and he quit the game now im starting to think he hates me and I dont like it. 😦 😦 😦

  8. princebanks Says:

    ANSWER FOR HYPERCAM2: Its Hypercam2, it’s very safe and if you dont want the unregistered hypercam2 banner you have to pay. and no money 😉

  9. ::NikziĿĿÆ:: Says:

    u should make a site for prince banks studios. And then make a header with a pic of all of us. If u don’t know how to take pics click print screen on ur keyboard then open paint then past it the u do whateva u want to it. there. 😉

  10. princebanks Says:

    I know that, that’s how I take pictures but do you think we will all fit?

    Maybe these ones will be on the header (when christmas eve in the site ends):
    11.-Crazy Ha
    13.-Oscar One

    I will work on it!

  11. princebanks Says:

    and this is the site for prince banks studios lawl

  12. Nikzilla Says:

    who were the first members of prince banks studios? I think I was the third member

  13. princebanks Says:

    the 3 first members:

  14. princebanks Says:

    question: Nikzilla u there? lol

  15. flipalot Says:

    prince banks how come your never on clubpenguin an

  16. flipalot Says:


  17. flipalot Says:

    Prince banks you no the hole dating ting on cp its not going to well we can still be friend sorry 🙂

  18. ::Nĩĸżĩŀŀã:: Says:

    Are u gonna make that header?

  19. princebanks Says:


  20. flipalot Says:

    hey prince banks long time no see!lol
    i was at snowfall when u where online a u were flying a jet pack then u logged off y did u??

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