My Videos!

Be sure to watch them all!

“Prince Banks: Hawaiian Vacation” – My first video, it’s kinda’ boring. But it’s good for a beginner, don’t you think?

“Prince Banks: Camping Adventure” – Join me and Aprila as we go camping in a very dangerous forest!

“Prince Banks: Journey To The TV” – Prince Banks is bored and he decides to watch TV. Then, something weird happens! Join me as I explore the weird world of the TV!

“Prince Banks: Rockstar Dream! The Musical” – The lead singer of “The Penguinz” dies and the only member of the band left (Swanbiff, the drummer) decides to make auditions for the new lead singer. The adventure begins……

“How To Draw a Puffle!” – Learn to draw a cute puffle! The title says it all!

“Music Video: El Verano Terminó” – My first music video! With the song “El Verano Terminó” performed by the cast of “High School Musical: El Desafío”

“How To Get a Friendship Bracelet” – Are you wondering where to find a Friendship Bracelet? If you watch this video you will learn how to get it!

“Club Penguin Comedy!” – Want to have fun? Watch it! And if you don’t want to have fun get away from my video!

“New Stuff in Club Penguin” – A new play, a new mission and a new pin!

“Me using Moon Man28” Oooo! Moon Man28!


“Club Penguin in Portuguese?” – OMG! It was horrible!

“Wwe Adam!” I saw him!

“Interview with Oscar One” – A quick interview with one of Heatblast’s friend, Oscar One, which I met during Wwe Adam’s and Pizzapizza’s party!

“Dora The Explorer in Club Penguin” – Dora, Boots, The Map and Swiper are in the search for the Magic Lamp. Join them in this wild, epic expedition!

 “My Penguin is Dumb” – Oh sure he is!

“My Penguin is Sick” – Banks is sick!

“My Buddy List” – Check out my Club Penguin buddy list and my YouTube friends. Recorded in October 20, 2008.

 “The Penguin that Wanted to Fly” – G’s big mistake!

“The Pie Dance” – My first Club Penguin party!

“Playing Find Four with Fano!” – He won 😆

“Postcards From Fano!” – Postcards from… (drum roll) FANO!

“Happy Birthday Club Penguin!” – This is my present for Club Penguin!

“Prince CPTV: Episode I” Every show starts with it’s first episode. This Prince CPTV Episode presents Card Clicking, The Anniversary and a deep look in the Igloo contest.

“A Club Penguin Horror Story” – The amazing Spook-Tacular is ready for you to see! Special Appearence of Skully and The Bing Bang Song! Bing Bang Diggey Diggey Dumm!

“Invite For The Blog’s First Party” – We got lots of hits and that means we are making an awesome party!

“New Postcard (Cool Outift)” – Just a video showing the new postcard that says “Cool Outift”

“When I Grow Up (Chipmunk’d)” – Awesome hit by The Pussycat Dolls, it got Chipmunk’d by me!

“Shut Up & Let Me Go (Chipmunk’d)” – Song by The Ting-Tings and it also got Chipmunk’d!

“Bots say ‘Prince Rocks” – Just some bots saying “Prince Rocks”. Special Thanks To Roast Coffee for letting me know there were bots in The iceberg!

“Bob The Builder & Dora: ‘Do You Like Waffles?'” – Home-made video with Dora, Boots, Bob The Builder and his machine singing the song “Do You Like Waffles?” by Parry Gripp

“The Slow Sensei” – The Sensei is too slow for digging out The Dojo but soon he gets enough power to do it.

“Stick-Man Show: Episode ‘Uno’ – Miley Cyrus’ Waffles” – Sticky is so hungry he wants to eat waffles! Unluckily Sticky’s oven explotes but Miley Cyrus is his only hope.

“Christmas Wishes (Slideshow)” Christmas Wishes can  become true, do you have Christmas Wishes too?

“Christmas Wishes (CONTEST INVITATION)” –  We hope you enjoy entering to this contest, our first contest in our blog, well not because The Oreo contest got cancelled.

“Music Video: 7 Things by Miley Cyrus” – It’s finally here! Thanks to all my friends! Specially Oscar One, Posywillos, Nintendokid & Nikzilla! Oh, and Platano111!            

 “Music Video: Gummy Bear by Gummibär” – Weird, random and pointless song that I found. Special thanks to Dark Chill & BunnyBoo!

“A Penguin’s Day” – Based upon Aprila’s “A Penguin’s Life” included in the very first post of the website. I’m sorry Aprila I didn’t want to copy you I just wanted to base upon your story 😦

“Club Penguin: The Nightmare – Part One” “I’ve been wondering where am I ending. We all wonder that. The question is: where?. That’s what I was wondering before I got here. ‘Here’ where? You’ll see!” (Took from The Nightmare Part One)
“Club Penguin: The Nightmare – Part Two” “Hi there! Today I’m gonna show you my new time machine” (Line from The Nightmare Part 2) Featuring the special appearence of Tbone9090.
“Music Video: Apples & Bananas by Barney” – Music video number 4! Oops! I’m kind of spoiling up the surprise!
“Music Video: I Like Potatoes” – A very random song I found on YouTube… 😆
“Contest Special: Christmas Wishes Results” – Cupcake Cloudfluff, the pixie had the honor of giving the results! Live from Prince’s Igloo and Pixie Hollow 😉
“The Nightmare: Part III: The NOT Grande Finale” – Not the final part!!!!
“Prince Banks: Great X-Mas Adventure!” – Merry Christmas 2008! In this video, Prince will travel to different planets to meet characters that need to learn about life and happiness. On his way he meets a bear, a flower, a handsome guy, a bussiness man, a wizard and lots of random characters. Based upon “The Little Prince” a french book.
“Party Exclusive: Invitation for 50 subs party” – Featuring Shortstuff2. We decided to celebrate my 50 subs & at the same time Christmas. She can’t go because our party date was the same 😆
“Music Video: Rockin’ Around The X-Mas Tree by Hannah Montana” – Rockin’ Around The X-Mas tree at the X-Mas party hop!!! Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie! WAIT I WANT SOME PUMPKIN PIE!!! :mrgreen:
“Music Video: Christmas Song by Club Penguin” – The Christmas Party Song by The Club Penguin Team, but the Prince Banks Band decided to make a music video of the song. The first music video of “The Christmas Party Song” from Christmas 2008.
“Music Video: I Feel Pretty by West Side Story” – Funny music video to the song “I Feel Pretty” by West Side Story, a broadway musical.   
   “Total Randomness Music Video: Whatever by Lalli” – Lalli a random stick figure, is here to perform one of her greatest hits… 😛    “Prince CPTV: Episode 2!” – In this episode, Prince will have a special section for Aprila32343, a special Spying On Hobos note and laughs! –

17 Responses to “My Videos!”

  1. princebanks Says:

    “The Lovely Show” Come on little friends, as we all sing a happy little working song! (lol)

  2. princebanks Says:

    -And yeah, it’s me UN-happy kitty- (LOL)

  3. nikzilla Says:

    On clubpenguin comedy you write me in the credits. Did you forget?

  4. nikzilla Says:

    u didnt write me

  5. princebanks Says:

    OMG! YEAH I FORGOT!!!! 😦

  6. princebanks Says:

    sorry nikzilla I FORGOT 😦 😦

  7. nikzilla Says:

    Don’t make fun of portugese clubpenguin I am portugese!! But born in Canada. grrrrrrr!!! lol

  8. nikzilla Says:

    But seriously don’t make fun of it.

  9. princebanks Says:


  10. princebanks Says:

    lol you dont comment in this section often

  11. Swanbiff Says:


  12. Swanbiff Says:

    every vid ROCKS!!!!!!~Swan!

  13. ::Nĩĸżĩŀŀã:: Says:

    prince u deleted vids?

  14. Swanbiff Says:

    u did?

  15. Swanbiff Says:

    but it dosent look like it

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