Play Prince Banks Games!

“Dieg 1000’s Magician Lords!”

Stop Dieg 1000! Save the castle from Dieg 1000!

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on Dieg 1000 to throw him a spell. Click on the clocks to get extra time! But don’t click on the wizards! That will keep your score low.

Click in the following link to play “Dieg 1000’s Magician Lords:

“Aprila’s Chocolate Trouble”

Oh-No! Aprila is stuck in a pile of chocolate! Help Aprila to get out of the pile by playing this classic arcade game but the difference is that is just with chocolate!

Click here to play:


INSTRUCTIONS: Shoot Nikzilla! But don’t shoot to the bunnies! Shoot watches to get extra time!

Click here to play:

“Pink Puffle Challenge”

Solve the pink puffle’s puzzle as fast as you can.

Click here to play:

“Brick Dollar – Prince Bank$!”

Prince Bank$ is rich! Help Prince Bank$ by throwing your penny to the dollar$. It’$ like Aprila’$ Chocolate Trouble, but now it’$ with CA$H! Actually in Pictogame the title is Brick Dollar cau$e’ I forgot to put the title!

Click here to play:

“Filpalot’s Challenge”

Filpalot is a very smart penguin! Is she smarter than you? Try to beat her challenge and find out if she’s way trickier than you!

Click here to play Filpalot’s Challenge:


24 Responses to “Games”

  1. princebanks Says:

    Tell us what you think of the games by commenting or sending your opinion to

  2. nikzilla Says:

    LOL wacka-a-nikzilla!


  3. princebanks Says:

    lol!!!!!!!!!! Whack-A-Nikzilla! The unique penguin-smashing game! It’s an arcade classic!!!!! lol

  4. flipalot Says:

    whack-nikzilla!is so cool

  5. flipalot Says:

    whack-nikzilla!is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can you plz make of me

  6. princebanks Says:

    Sure! Which game sounds better? “Filpalot’s Kiss Challenge” or “Fipalot’s Heart Wall” ?

  7. Pikabye81 Says:

    Awesome games! Ive played em all! Rock on!!!!!!

  8. flipalot Says:

    flipalots heart wall sounds better

  9. princebanks Says:

    Ok! I decided your game will come out along with new features in the site such as funny pictures and more!

  10. flipalot Says:

    when are you going to make my game

  11. princebanks Says:

    Im testing your game and it’s going great! I’m almost finish!!

  12. flipalot Says:

    thanks for making the game im going to try it out

  13. flipalot Says:

    that game is fun

  14. sektor Says:

    hey boy!
    can you make a game about me?

  15. princebanks Says:

    GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!! The answer is!!! no

  16. ::NikziĿĿÆ:: Says:

    :0 U guys always fight!

  17. aprila32343 Says:

    yea that sektor sucks(its not me)

  18. ::Nĩĸżĩŀŀã:: Says:


  19. Audel 200 Says:

    hola alex este sitio es genial me gusta estos juegos son los mejores pero no cres que te pasaste con el de acne pero el que mas me gusto fue el de diego y golpear los animales k geneal efecto

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