Valentines Party Contests!!!





Band Contest:

You like music? You got your own band on CP? Well just go rock on at Prince Banks’ Valentine’s Day Party’s Stage! Just be sure that you got:



  • A band to play with
  • A DJ to mix your songs
  • Talent!






DANCE CONTEST! (Members Only)

You think you can dance? Bring your tap shoes, your best dancing outfit at Prince Banks’ Valentine’s Day Party Dance Contest and just show me what you got!  At the end of the party, the 3 MEMBER  winners will be asked to do a dancing round in the Dance Club dance contest with me, if you win, you will get to be a featured pengy on the party along with the other ones! Just remember to practice your dancing!!! Tips: Put on Lady Gaga, Akon or rap or pop music and try to dance it on Club Penguin to get your skills up!



Are you a real super hero? Come prove you can make an excellent team work! Learn a part of the script of the stage play with the same name and come along with two friends  that can help to the Prince Banks Valentine’s Day / 70 subs party! The winner will be the hero of the day and will be included in the party’s video! Practice your acting, get your costume, get your friends, get your acting skills up but just be sure to go on this amazing SUPER-HERO TEAM WORK contest!


Food Delivering Contest

Serve food to the hungry costumers of the Prince Banks Valentine’s Day Restaurant as fast as you can! Serve them what they want, at the end I will count how many penguins did you served and the winner one will get to be one featured penguin on the video and in the Prince Banks Hall of Records! Just be sure to get these uniforms from CP: Coffee Shop Uniform, Pet Shop Uniform, Ice Cream Apron, Pizza Parlor Uniform, Cheff Uniform or everything themed with cooking and the ones I just mentioned! By the way this contest is also for non-members 😀

Puffle Love

Do you care too much of your puffles? Would you take them to the party? Prove it by taking your FAVORITE puffle and show us that you really care of him, the winner will be included in Prince Banks Hall Of Fame under the title of Best Puffle Owner of the month! Show us you care! 😀

So you decided what contest to enter? lol you silly, you can enter to all the contests! 😀 Just be sure to watch the invitation to this party at the “Home” section of this website or just click here to go: so don’t waste your time choosing what contest when you can enter to all the contests. And for non-members: the only contests not avaible for you are: Dance Contest or Band Contest; in the case of the band contest you must enter with a member on your band or join a member band or whatever rofl but just make sure you got a member or be in a member’s band for that contest. I’m sorry for the non-members they can’t enter those contests… Well I gtg and just choose carefully which contests to enter, your friend:

-Prince Banks


32 Responses to “Contests”

  1. nikzilla Says:

    ill try to make one.

    Oreos oreos dip em in.The icing the cookie oh so good.
    lick em dip em its so good.

    Its the best i could do. :/

  2. nikzilla Says:

    more like a rhyme. : lol:

  3. princebanks Says:

    lol! You are in!

  4. princebanks Says:

    The results will be given in Novemember!

  5. princebanks Says:

    can you make it right now?

  6. princebanks Says:

    ok I will be as soon as I can! Im busy with halloween video….

  7. princebanks Says:

    well I have no friends on caribou and I can’t record today. The computer that has HyperCam2 is going too slow and it can freeze!

  8. flipalot Says:

    oh than go on tommorow at 2:00 Pst

  9. nikzilla Says:

    do u have to record ur penguin?

  10. princebanks Says:

    no, not exactly

  11. nikzilla Says:

    oh ok so just vid of what u want for christmas?

  12. nikzilla Says:

    can u put effects

  13. princebanks Says:

    yuppers and a message such as a comment

  14. princebanks Says:

    a comment or video its both

  15. nikzilla Says:

    how do i post a vid on here i made one.

  16. princebanks Says:

    give us the link or URL or send it to

  17. nikzilla Says:

    do i have to put it on youtube?

  18. princebanks Says:

    no, if your video is in youtube you can have some risk, I can record you if you want to AND you can also enter to the comment message category which is way safer

  19. Nikzilla Says:

    I would like if u recorded me. but can u enter a video on a comment?

  20. princebanks Says:

    jeez nevermind im recording you or you can just submit a comment with a wish thats all :/

  21. Nikzilla Says:

    Ok. Heres my wish.

    I wish you all have a rockin Christmas and happy new year.
    Hope u guys get tons and tons of presents. Merry Christmas! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. ::Nikzilla:: Says:

    I like contests!! 😆

  23. princebanks Says:

    coming soon: “I’m A Cow” the official contest to get to meet some dudes lol (dudes not specified yet!)

  24. flipalot Says:

    cool a cow contest 😆 moo moo im a cow 😆

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