Viva La Vida – Club Penguin (by me)


“Apples & Bananas” Club Penguin Music Video!

lol ok a very weird song I found while downloading music! It’s by Barney but still it’s funny, no bad comments!!!

That means I’m sharing some Apples &  Bananas! 😆

apples-and-bananas lol


-Prince Banks

“7 Things” Club Penguin Music Video

I finally made it! It’s avaible in “Prince Banks Videos”!

People that helped:

  • Crazy Ha
  • Oscar One
  • Nintendokid
  • Posywillos
  • Aprila
  • Nikzilla
  • Dark Chill
  • Moon Man28
  • Roast Coffee
  • Plinfa/You2112
  • Yoshiman64
  • Platano111
  • Fabulousx3

Some are mentioned but they weren’t in the video because they were in clips I couldn’t use 😦

Thanks for helping!

-Prince Banks

“Christmas Wishes” Contest

Enter to it in the section “Contests” located in the widget bar!

Prince’s Christmas Eve!

Hey Guys! READ! Prince Banks Here! There are lots of things to do in my site! Oof! They are a lot, don’t you think? Comment if you think so!

  • Record Christmas Videos
  • Start Christmas contest
  • Make Christmas party
  • Make the Prince Banks Christmas Eve Perfect!
  • Make Prince’s Official Video-Game

As you all know, this is the first Prince Banks Christmas Eve! Oh, and I made a new video called “Christmas Wishes” and I’m making a contest based on this new video from Prince Banks Studios!

Sorry Nikzilla you didn’t got your prize but it’s my fault 😦 you can still participate in the Christmas one. I’m updating the Prince Banks Videos Section right now and I will record introduce to the contest and then start with my video game… Lots of things to do don’t you think?
Oh, well bye!!!
-Prince Banks

A Storm is Coming…

Prince Banks here! I went to the binoculars. I was very happy 🙂 But suddenly, OMG! G tricked us! It is not an eclipse, it’s a storm!

  That gave me the great idea of a video!

“The Penguin That Wanted To Fly – G’s Tricky Invention” which is coming with the pie dance today or tomorrow but of course before the Halloween Party. :p It’s impossible that G tricks me. 😆

Let’s change theme: Ummm…. Ok this is weird! Today I was entering to YouTube and I found this video, which is actually the “Bing Bang” song from that show called Lazy-Town! Wow, that’s weird! Here’s the remix of the song, which is actually sticky and I have it in my head all day :p

Well, if you want to meet me in Club Penguin get in right now in a random server. I’m also going to make a challenge “Total Randomness!”, a coming soon contest. Remember to enter to The Oreo contest and comment your song in that page!