Viva La Vida – Club Penguin (by me)


“Apples & Bananas” Club Penguin Music Video!

lol ok a very weird song I found while downloading music! It’s by Barney but still it’s funny, no bad comments!!!

That means I’m sharing some Apples &  Bananas! 😆

apples-and-bananas lol


-Prince Banks

New Club Penguin Music Video! Gummybear!

Yay! The new music video! Thanks to Dark Chill and sorry I didn’t told you about this I was just bored and decided to make this 🙂

By the way, I got 40 subscribers and I look forward to get 50 because I’m making party!

Ooops gtg bye!

-Prince Banks

“Christmas Wishes” Contest

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Rumors In Club Penguin Are Becoming True!

Hey Everyone! Prince Banks here! Haven’t you noticed the many rumors there were before and now they are becoming true? Take a look to these rumors!!!

  1. The Ninjas – Ninjas are black so the black belt is! If you get it in the new “Card-Jitsu” game and you fight against The Sensei. If you don’t know The Sensei, I made a special update in “Prince Banks Videos” and you can watch my new two videos, one has The Sensei. Oh, and the card game is based upon “Card-Jitsu”. card2.jpg



2. DS Game – It’s a very old rumor, but now it’s true. LINK TO THE OFFICIAL DS GAME VIDEO:

Those are some of the rumors…. If I find more rumors I will post them here… Oh and if you find a rumor post it as a comment…. Bye!

-Prince Banks 😮


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New Mission! (And how to complete it!)

THE NEW MISSION IS OUT! That’s great! Here’s a tutorial I found!

I also wanted to tell you that I made a video… How to get a Friendship Bracalet! It’s now avaible in “Prince Banks Videos!” section for you to see!

Until then… WADDLE ON! (Again I said this…. lol)

-Prince Banks