I may quit this website…

Hi there, it’s Prince Banks here 😦 Don’t ask why I’m sad, it’s just what I’m going to tell. You see guys I want to quit this website 😦 I’m really into other things, and this doesn’t mean I’m throwing Prince Banks and Club Penguin away, I still love it! But the point is that I’m really into other stuff, my point is to make a site (a WordPress maybe, the other was suppoused to be a Piczo but the project failed) where I can share stuff I like with others and hear their opinions and I may get a chat box. So guys I’m sorry. This site will still be on but… I won’t post too much ;( Goodbye fans and readers, I won’t be on this WordPress too much… *Sniff!* Also, all my hopes were destroyed. I just can’t leave Nikzilla and Filpalot alone. Sorry guys… I’m so sorry… I think you won’t be allowed to my website, some stuff need to be loaded with chat ;( guys dont get sad, it’s all gonna be fine… also, I hope you all like Pikabye81, he’s gonna own this website and get encharged of it… So guys, I hope you enjoyed this website with me, don’t worry I will give you the link as soon as I make it! ;( Say good-bye to the begining: Rockstar Dream, Aprila32343, Auditions, Music Spot, Authors; and say hello to the new start: Twilight, Pikabye81, Chat, Music, Blog, Randomness; guys I’m really gonna miss you. If you really care it’s because you are reading this, comment with what you think but DON’T insist, I WILL get my new site. Ok so this may be the last post, besides Pika’s post to help me in my video. It’s an anime video. Bye……………………………………………….

-Prince Banks



twilight_book_coverI’m really into it


“Bonjour”: Club Penguin In French!

Bonjour! Prince Banks hwoa? Rofl I don’t know French.. well a little bit. Félicitations French Readers/Players! Now you got your very own server on one of the most famous Disney.com game!!! Well guys, I will post you this pic!french20launch

Au Revoir!!!!

-Prince Banks

My New YouTube Background


Squidzoid Returning This 2009?!?!

Omg! Prince Banks here! Squidzoid is coming to The Stage!!! Sneak Peek:


It will be the 3rd time Squidzoid will be on Stage. Maybe CP is running out of ideas…. I don’t know! But this thing of repeating plays is getting a little bit weird!!! Any ideas or comments? lol, bye!

-Prince Banks…

Club Penguin Cards!

Prince Banks here! Now you must be member right? Now you must have some codes right?!?!?! Well if you are wondering how to do it you need….

gifcards5b15dThe Club Penguin Cards, which you can find in:





So buy them now! Remember we are glad to hear what you think of the cards 😉

-Prince Banks

Card-Jitsu: A Deeper Look In The Sketches

Hey Everyone! Prince Banks here! Today you are going to see sketches of our newest game in Club Penguin: Card-Jitsu! I hope you enjoy!

Here is the sketch of the fire-fighter power. firefighter

As you can see, it’s the highest card on water, well actually I don’t know I should better see!  😆 This card saved me from not getting my belt! Actually I’m yellow belt :mrgreen:

Ok, now here are 4 more power-sketches from Card-Jitsu, enjoy!


Ok, I haven’t used those ones XD! Here are the powers used in those sketches:

  1. The first one is a tour-guide
  2. The second one is a penguin with a floating ducky
  3. The third one is a penguin surfing
  4. And The fourth one is E.T.! 😆

Hope you enjoyed!
-Prince Banks 😉

“Apples & Bananas” Club Penguin Music Video!

lol ok a very weird song I found while downloading music! It’s by Barney but still it’s funny, no bad comments!!!

That means I’m sharing some Apples &  Bananas! 😆

apples-and-bananas lol


-Prince Banks