Squidzoid Returning This 2009?!?!

Omg! Prince Banks here! Squidzoid is coming to The Stage!!! Sneak Peek:


It will be the 3rd time Squidzoid will be on Stage. Maybe CP is running out of ideas…. I don’t know! But this thing of repeating plays is getting a little bit weird!!! Any ideas or comments? lol, bye!

-Prince Banks…


New Play At The Stage!

Hey Guys! Prince Banks here! The new play “Fairy Fables”  is now in the stage!!! twee2.jpg

Oh! The pin is in the forest! It’s a snowball tile! Too bad I couldn’t get a picture… I’m starting to record my contest invitation and I’ll post besides, the trailer for the Prince Banks VIDEO-GAME!!! and the invitation. Bye!
-Prince Banks