Very Playful Puffles!

Salutations from Puffle Land… A member of Pikabye Productions, now king of Prince Banks Studios has an announcement to make… Puffles now will be avaible to interact more with their furniture, you can watch the random species of fluffy balls (puffles) play, sleep, eat and more, in the new generation of puffle interacting with furniture. bed1This  blue puffle was used to test, rofl ok I’m done. I’m gonna set up more puffle furniture!!! Bye!!!

~Prince Banks


“Fairy Fables” Catalog Secret!

Hey! Prince Banks here! I just figured out this secret in the stage catalog! There’s a radio in the catalog as you see:


Click on the radio and you get the hidden item: THE SILVER WAND the silver wand

Finally I’m able to post pictures let’s see if it’s the same with Club Penguin pictures!!!

-Prince Banks