I may quit this website…

Hi there, it’s Prince Banks here 😦 Don’t ask why I’m sad, it’s just what I’m going to tell. You see guys I want to quit this website 😦 I’m really into other things, and this doesn’t mean I’m throwing Prince Banks and Club Penguin away, I still love it! But the point is that I’m really into other stuff, my point is to make a site (a WordPress maybe, the other was suppoused to be a Piczo but the project failed) where I can share stuff I like with others and hear their opinions and I may get a chat box. So guys I’m sorry. This site will still be on but… I won’t post too much ;( Goodbye fans and readers, I won’t be on this WordPress too much… *Sniff!* Also, all my hopes were destroyed. I just can’t leave Nikzilla and Filpalot alone. Sorry guys… I’m so sorry… I think you won’t be allowed to my website, some stuff need to be loaded with chat ;( guys dont get sad, it’s all gonna be fine… also, I hope you all like Pikabye81, he’s gonna own this website and get encharged of it… So guys, I hope you enjoyed this website with me, don’t worry I will give you the link as soon as I make it! ;( Say good-bye to the begining: Rockstar Dream, Aprila32343, Auditions, Music Spot, Authors; and say hello to the new start: Twilight, Pikabye81, Chat, Music, Blog, Randomness; guys I’m really gonna miss you. If you really care it’s because you are reading this, comment with what you think but DON’T insist, I WILL get my new site. Ok so this may be the last post, besides Pika’s post to help me in my video. It’s an anime video. Bye……………………………………………….

-Prince Banks



twilight_book_coverI’m really into it


Member Event in CP Sneak Peek!!!

Hello Readers! Prince Banks here! This year CP will have a member event and I decided to post a sneak peek!

picture20120event Sigh guys! My membership is almost ending! So I must get my coins, buy the outfit and ready to jam!

This is OBVIOUSLY related with groove, jam, music and dance. The new clothing tells it all too!

gtg guys tell me what you think bye!
-Prince Banks

Coins For Change 2008! Hurrah!

Prince Banks here! I’m SO excited, this is my first Coins For Change! Rockhopper arrived with that spirit that made everyone donate for the poor homeless kids 😦

By donating we are their only hope.  coins

I didn’t made that lol. So look for donating wells all over Club Penguin, get some coins by playing your favorite game or completing your favorite book and those coins become in money that can be used to save poor kids that need special attention. OMG YOU ARE MAKING ME CRY!!! 😦

Bye! Please donate, it’s very important!!!!

-Prince Banks

“Christmas Wishes” Contest

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Club Penguin DS, Toys Completed & Books!

Hey Everyone! Prince Banks here! I just wanted to post some information of these updates!

Club Penguin DS – So, you heard of the Club Penguin DS rumor, didn’t you? There are so many fake pictures, but now, Club Penguin gave these pictures of the coming soon “Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force”, which will be avaible in November 25! I will buy it online! Here are the pictures:

Toys Completed – The sneak peek of the toys is completed! Remember I gave you the link? Well, if you didn’t got the link, here’s what the sneak peek looks right now!

Wait, the puffles are already for sale in The Club Penguin Online Store! Didn’t you noticed that? (Click to enlarge)

Books – The Club Penguin Team says they are going to launch books! Here’s the list of the names of the coming soon books:

  • The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin
  • Stowaway! – Adventures at Sea
  • Waddle Lot of Laughs (Joke Book)
  • Stuck-On-Puffles (Sticker Activity)

Here’s the picture of “Stowaway! – Adventures at Sea

For Canadians – To celebrate the launch of new Club Penguin toys in Canada, there’s going to be a party at Toys “R” Us in Vaughan Mills, just outside of Toronto on Saturday, October 25th from 1 – 4 pm!! There’s limited space so bring your parent/guardian and get there early for your chance to get into the party.

Awesome isn’t? Club Penguin is sure going UP! Go Club Penguin Team! Remember to enter to my Oreo contest, which is in my Contests page.

Have a Nice Day!

-Prince Banks