I am starting making “Prince Banks Education Project”

As I told you yesterday, I was going to do a poll with you for choosing if I was going to make it or NOT. But this weird thing happened in school! I told my friends about my idea of “Prince Banks Education Project” and they liked it. So all the class I was thinking of the desing of the page, the themes and sections. I am starting the making of it RIGHT NOW. I am choosing the theme and the pictures… Want to celebrate the Prince Banks Education Project? Well, I am having a cool party in Club Penguin in the 2nd day of “Prince Banks Education Project”. The Prince Banks Education Project Website’s Blog-Roll will include links for websites that help you learn. Such as Scholastic! We will have games like: “Einstein!”, “The Speed”, “Puzzle”, and more games! We will have a weekly quizz.

Well, this is for my buddies! Sometimes when I say “Gtg!” it’s because I am logging into another game! And that other game is Poptropica. Poptropica is a very cool website! The land of Poptropica has many islands like “24 Carrot”, “Spy Island”, “Time Tangled”, and more! Here’s the logo: . I am getting in right now! Here’s the link if you want to play: www.poptropica.com it’s cool!

-Prince Banks