“Apples & Bananas” Club Penguin Music Video!

lol ok a very weird song I found while downloading music! It’s by Barney but still it’s funny, no bad comments!!!

That means I’m sharing some Apples &  Bananas! 😆

apples-and-bananas lol


-Prince Banks


The Oreo Song!

“The Oreo Song” – Prince Banks

It’s Oreo Time! (x2)

First you take the Oreos and you throw them to the milk!

(The Milk! The Milk!)

Then you look at them until you get hungry!

(Hungry! Hungry!)

Then you take the glass and you say….

Ooooooooo! Oreo! (x 5)

So now you listened to me!

(Now you listened to him! To Him!)

Ooooooooo! Oreo!

Want to make one Oreo Song too? Enter to the contest “I’ve Gone Oreo!” and enter with your made-up Oreo song!

Carrot (lol)

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