I may quit this website…

Hi there, it’s Prince Banks here 😦 Don’t ask why I’m sad, it’s just what I’m going to tell. You see guys I want to quit this website 😦 I’m really into other things, and this doesn’t mean I’m throwing Prince Banks and Club Penguin away, I still love it! But the point is that I’m really into other stuff, my point is to make a site (a WordPress maybe, the other was suppoused to be a Piczo but the project failed) where I can share stuff I like with others and hear their opinions and I may get a chat box. So guys I’m sorry. This site will still be on but… I won’t post too much ;( Goodbye fans and readers, I won’t be on this WordPress too much… *Sniff!* Also, all my hopes were destroyed. I just can’t leave Nikzilla and Filpalot alone. Sorry guys… I’m so sorry… I think you won’t be allowed to my website, some stuff need to be loaded with chat ;( guys dont get sad, it’s all gonna be fine… also, I hope you all like Pikabye81, he’s gonna own this website and get encharged of it… So guys, I hope you enjoyed this website with me, don’t worry I will give you the link as soon as I make it! ;( Say good-bye to the begining: Rockstar Dream, Aprila32343, Auditions, Music Spot, Authors; and say hello to the new start: Twilight, Pikabye81, Chat, Music, Blog, Randomness; guys I’m really gonna miss you. If you really care it’s because you are reading this, comment with what you think but DON’T insist, I WILL get my new site. Ok so this may be the last post, besides Pika’s post to help me in my video. It’s an anime video. Bye……………………………………………….

-Prince Banks



twilight_book_coverI’m really into it


Valentine’s Day Special Party Invitation!!!!

Hey dude reading this you are invited! Just be sure to memorize what the video says and meet me at my Igloo at the map at 9:15 P.S.T. (penguin standart time or club penguin time WHATEVER!) Which is the “LOVE” ship, we are gonna have contests:

  • A dance contest
  • Band Contest
  • Food delivering contest
  • Puffle race contest (running)

Ok, also there will be V.I.P pengys! Don’t forget! The first 3 penguins that go to my iggy (on the map) AT 9:15 (P.S.T.) and says “Party Time!” will get the exclusive V.I.P. seat on the stage, where the band contest will be on… To go on the band contest you must ALSO have a DJ to mix up your songs! We’re gonna have so much fun!

So remember:
Saturday, 14, February, 2009 (VALENTINES DAY)

Ok dudes I gtg bye!!!
-Prince Banks

P.S.: Will be recorded

Squidzoid Returning This 2009?!?!

Omg! Prince Banks here! Squidzoid is coming to The Stage!!! Sneak Peek:


It will be the 3rd time Squidzoid will be on Stage. Maybe CP is running out of ideas…. I don’t know! But this thing of repeating plays is getting a little bit weird!!! Any ideas or comments? lol, bye!

-Prince Banks…

New Christmas Videos!

Prince Banks here! This will be probably one of the 3 last posts of the year… 😦 So I decided that in this post I should post ALL THE VIDEOS the videos I’ve made and not posted yet.

  1. Christmas Adventure

2. Rockin’ Around The X-mas Tree – Hannah Montana

3. The Christmas Party Song –  Club Penguin

Ok If I didn’t post them all it means that I’m posting them in “My Videos” bye!

-Prince Banks

Club Penguin Toys to UK!

Hello readers! Prince Banks here! Are you a lucky reader from UK?! Well, if you want the Club Penguin toys YOU ARE SO LUCKY BECAUSE THEY ARE COMING TO THE UNITED KINGDOM!uk_flag1

These are some of the toys that are arriving to UK, dear british readers 😉

  • 6″ Limited Penguins
  • 2″ Mix ‘N Match Figures
  • 4″ Pet Puffles
  • Igloo Playsets


Bye!!! Start saving your money and your speed (so you can be the first one to buy them!) Remember everyone is free to comment so if you are british tell us which toy from the picture you want the most. No offense for my other readers… 😆

-Prince Banks 😉

Rumors In Club Penguin Are Becoming True!

Hey Everyone! Prince Banks here! Haven’t you noticed the many rumors there were before and now they are becoming true? Take a look to these rumors!!!

  1. The Ninjas – Ninjas are black so the black belt is! If you get it in the new “Card-Jitsu” game and you fight against The Sensei. If you don’t know The Sensei, I made a special update in “Prince Banks Videos” and you can watch my new two videos, one has The Sensei. Oh, and the card game is based upon “Card-Jitsu”. card2.jpg



2. DS Game – It’s a very old rumor, but now it’s true. LINK TO THE OFFICIAL DS GAME VIDEO: http://clubpenguin.com/clubpenguinshop/elite_penguin_force.htm

Those are some of the rumors…. If I find more rumors I will post them here… Oh and if you find a rumor post it as a comment…. Bye!

-Prince Banks 😮