Valentine’s Day Special Party Invitation!!!!

Hey dude reading this you are invited! Just be sure to memorize what the video says and meet me at my Igloo at the map at 9:15 P.S.T. (penguin standart time or club penguin time WHATEVER!) Which is the “LOVE” ship, we are gonna have contests:

  • A dance contest
  • Band Contest
  • Food delivering contest
  • Puffle race contest (running)

Ok, also there will be V.I.P pengys! Don’t forget! The first 3 penguins that go to my iggy (on the map) AT 9:15 (P.S.T.) and says “Party Time!” will get the exclusive V.I.P. seat on the stage, where the band contest will be on… To go on the band contest you must ALSO have a DJ to mix up your songs! We’re gonna have so much fun!

So remember:
Saturday, 14, February, 2009 (VALENTINES DAY)

Ok dudes I gtg bye!!!
-Prince Banks

P.S.: Will be recorded


Igloo Decorating Contest (Club Penguin)

Hey Guys! Prince Banks here! The Club Penguin team prepared a Igloo Decorating contest this 2008 with the theme of Christmas. So you guys are so excited? Let me tell you some stuff about this contest:

  • The prize will be of 25,000 coins! I hope I win 😆
  • The winners will be announced on January 1st Newspaper
  • Use your imagination to decorate!


If I win I will thank Pika and make a special post about him (as I promised with my subbers) and I will post the picture of my igloo!!!!

Until then, Waddle On!

-Prince Banks

“Christmas Wishes” Contest RESULTS

Hey Guys! I made lots of new videos but I’m just posting “Christmas Adventure” because when I return I’m posting all the videos!!! Here are the results of Christmas Wishes!!! Watch The video!

So here is the chart included in every contest: “THE WINNER CHART”

Best Slide-Show

  • Posywillos

Best Christmas Message

  1. Nikzilla
  2. Filpalot
  3. Pikabye81

So I promised you guys a congratulation letter from Manxmnx or funnymark26, KDOBE Jr. Preacher (he’s quitting so let’s help him 😦 ) And here it is!

a congratulation letter for pikabye81, posywillos, nikzilla & filpalot



The letter is true! If you don’t believe me, check the comments on this video:
We are making a contest for Manxmnx. But not yet. I’m going to keep you updated, bye!
-Prince Banks

“Christmas Wishes” Contest

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Oreo Contest Results

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