Card-Jitsu: A Deeper Look In The Sketches

Hey Everyone! Prince Banks here! Today you are going to see sketches of our newest game in Club Penguin: Card-Jitsu! I hope you enjoy!

Here is the sketch of the fire-fighter power. firefighter

As you can see, it’s the highest card on water, well actually I don’t know I should better see!  😆 This card saved me from not getting my belt! Actually I’m yellow belt :mrgreen:

Ok, now here are 4 more power-sketches from Card-Jitsu, enjoy!


Ok, I haven’t used those ones XD! Here are the powers used in those sketches:

  1. The first one is a tour-guide
  2. The second one is a penguin with a floating ducky
  3. The third one is a penguin surfing
  4. And The fourth one is E.T.! 😆

Hope you enjoyed!
-Prince Banks 😉