Too Many Videos To Make!

omg I haven’t even finished the other ones!!!
Here is the list of the videos I’m starting to record today in Club Penguin:

  • 7 Things: Music Video
  • Thanksgiving Adventure
  • Fairy Fables – POSSIBLE
  • The Ninja & Me!

So fans, support me!!! If you get asked to record go plz!!!

-Prince Banks


Girls Help! and The New BOY Character

Girls Help Me!!!! I need a girl for Rockstar Dream!! Yeah! In the video Swanbiff dies, that’s why I am making a new boy character…

Ok, here are the personalities of the two new characters, it also includes which songs you must know!

The Daughter of the Owner Of Club Penguin

She is EVIL! Bad AND Mean! She may dress like an angel, but she is VERY mean…. Her favorite color is pink. (NOTE: THIS CHARACTER IS JUST AVAIBLE FOR MEMBERS) You must know the song “Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani.

Happy Penguin

His name says it all! He’s happy! He likes cheering up penguins… He is GOOD making jokes! This character is avaible for non-members and members! But for being Happy Penguin you must be as Happy Penguin! You must know the song: Don’t worry be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

Here is another avaible role:

The Painting Guy

This penguin sure loves to paint…. He’s always in a mood of helping people. (NOTE: THIS ROLE IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY)

Ok now! Here are the music videos of the the 2 songs…