Wedding Disaster

Sorry 😦 I’m sick and I’m with my grandma, she says I can’t use the computer so I will have to change the wedding. Soon the date of the upcoming wedding… I’m sorry. Please sorry… Bye 😦

-Prince Banks


3 Responses to “Wedding Disaster”

  1. flipalot Says:

    ok umm tomorrow?? if not next saturday 😦
    Love:Flip and im srry u could not make it.
    hope u feel better! 🙂 bye.

    • princebanks Says:

      I can make it! I’m right now on sleet I WILL TELL EVERYONE! And now I feel better, it’s just a problem with my throat.

  2. flipalot Says:

    ok wat happened today its really making my day messed up it was bad! so r we still together

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