You want a Club Penguin wedding?


10 Responses to “Filpalot…”

  1. flipalot Says:

    yes that would be cool we have to set it up though!

  2. princebanks Says:


  3. flipalot Says:

    the band will be at nikzilllas igloo and the wedding will be at mine and the food can be at your igloo

  4. flipalot Says:

    is there anything else you would like to have for ur igloo??

  5. flipalot Says:

    can think of wat i could do for the entrance?? there will be snacks too at nikzillas too!

  6. flipalot Says:

    wat day is it going to be wat time is it going to be??

  7. princebanks Says:

    ok, the day… I will check it. I think you should bring some of your friends (must be girls) behind you with random costumes (pumpkin, fairy, sheep…) so they look like our “fairy-tale” love 🙂

  8. flipalot Says:

    why does it have to be girls there can be some boys right who is going to be the priest anyways bye!
    ~Love Flipalot~ love you~

  9. flipalot Says:

    oh and can u make and invatation?

  10. princebanks Says:

    ok, boys and girls. but just make sure they go with random or funny or scary or happy or the costumes of “Fairy Fables” so they go behind doing the happy face and the flowers. Oh and the priest will be Pika, he’s planning and yup I will make a post and a video and this time I WILL upload the video because it’s special

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