Screenhog’s Mission Sneak Peek!

December 2008,  Prince Banks here! Today I’m showing you the new mission’s sneak-peek posted by Screenhog! I hope you guys enjoy!!!


Dumb Herbert, he doesn’t know that an agent is behind him.

lol bye!

-Prince Banks


7 Responses to “Screenhog’s Mission Sneak Peek!”

  1. ::NikziĿĿÆ:: Says:

    Hi prince,

    Why are u quiting making vids ur the only guy that i thought could make me famous so plz plz plz plz dont quit making vids plz plz plz! Your one of my bffs on cp plz dont quit making vids or club penguin plz! 😥 😥 😥 😥

  2. flipalot Says:

    hey prince,

    im sorry if i was bothering u please dont quit videos im very upset that you are quiting please please please don’t quit if it is my falt im super super super super very super sorry please forgive me

    from:flipalot <3<3<3 😥

  3. flipalot Says:

    :cry:cry:cry:im so so so sad that your quiting i never thot you were going to do that

  4. princebanks Says:

    im not quitting I just wanted privacy with my friend..

  5. flipalot Says:

    good thx:) 🙂

  6. flipalot Says:

    how come ur never on please go on clubpenguin more

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