Ok guys! I’m back! And when I finish this I will post my videos and here are some notes that APRILA & Nikzilla (and my fans) should read.

  1. A Penguin’s Day is BASED upon a Penguin’s Life so I’m sorry I just wanted to make something like it 😦
  2. Hypercam2 is free
  3. I’m back and I decided to start making awesome music videos (But I will still make Prince Banks stories)

So I’m sorry Aprila…  Don’t be mad at me….

Tomorrow I will post pictures ok? Bye!


10 Responses to “PRINCE RELOADED!!!”

  1. aprila Says:

    nop,thats the other title of my story and the name of the part 2
    so that can be considered copy,can i be on it?

  2. princebanks Says:

    well I was thinking to make Camping Adventure II: Jungle Adventures

  3. aprila Says:

    good idea but A PENGUINS DAY,you may NOT do it

  4. aprila Says:

    coz its the title of a penguins life 2

  5. princebanks Says:

    i already did it im sorry and get on sleet so we can record camping adventure II

  6. princebanks Says:

    and Im recording apples and bananas lol a very random music video it will be funny

  7. aprila Says:

    copier!i need to be on it
    if not
    no chistmas gift for you(member penguin!)

    Hey Aprila, it’s Prince here: You went on yesterday and I was trying to talk to you because everyone was on. You were playing and when you exited the game, I followed you and you didn’t do anything and that’s why I had to do the music video. And I’m getting membership as Christmas gift. If you don’t want to be part of my team, then just quit! If you want to stay, STAY! But treat me with respect!

  8. aprila Says:

    are you sure you dont want your member penguin. its ninja!
    and hey that was not me!was ram or sareena they know my password and i didint tell them

  9. princebanks Says:

    no, I preffer to stay with Prince my FOREVER penguin.

  10. aprila32343 Says:

    bah!i dont say that you abandon prince,i just say that you have 2 penguins

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