My First Club Penguin Picture!!!

Ok, enjoy!


OMG! I’m finally able to post pictures!!! That means these things are coming:

  • Comics
  • Funny Pictures
  • Printables & Activities
  • Glitches explained by pictures

OMG! I can’t wait!!! Here’s information of how the pictures are coming:

  1. 3 Pictures will come along in Saturday or Sunday
  2. The premiere of “Funny Pictures” will be in NOVEMBER 30
  3. Printables & Activities will take a little bit long…

NOTE FOR AUTHORS: You will be able to post your funny pictures & printables! Just be sure that the funny pictures are Club Penguin themed and you made them. If not, the funny picture will be deleted and your role will be changed.

By the way I’m updating “Prince Banks Videos” with Gummy Bear & A Penguin’s Day



5 Responses to “My First Club Penguin Picture!!!”

  1. Heatblast227 Says:

    Hey you told me to leave a comment so just remember, hi 😆

  2. goldwhite25 Says:

    hey prince,
    im srry i havent posted anything yet, i havent even posted on my own wordpress at all. maybe it would be best, if u removed as an author of ur site since i never remember…..

  3. Asulio Says:

    Me habias comentado, salir en un video tuyo, dime si vas a querer o no, porque estoy un poco ocupado!

  4. ::Nikzilla:: Says:

    I think i can tell what asulio’s saying its almost the same as portuguese. It says: something something something,something in one video something,something if u see something something something because im something ocupied. lol I can’t read portuguese or spanish that good 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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