“7 Things” Club Penguin Music Video

I finally made it! It’s avaible in “Prince Banks Videos”!

People that helped:

  • Crazy Ha
  • Oscar One
  • Nintendokid
  • Posywillos
  • Aprila
  • Nikzilla
  • Dark Chill
  • Moon Man28
  • Roast Coffee
  • Plinfa/You2112
  • Yoshiman64
  • Platano111
  • Fabulousx3

Some are mentioned but they weren’t in the video because they were in clips I couldn’t use 😦

Thanks for helping!

-Prince Banks

4 Responses to ““7 Things” Club Penguin Music Video”

  1. aprila32343 Says:

    i am gonna kill you byt not putting me in the video

  2. princebanks Says:

    its not my fault!

  3. aprila Says:

    soooo,i dont understand,you didint even recorded me

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