6 Responses to “I can’t get in Club Penguin!”

  1. pinkey2we Says:

    It’s Pinkey2we. I just wated to inform you that the hits on my blog are going down drastically. It would be great if you visted, and it would like the best if you would add us to your blogroll, we would be soooooo happy! so please visit http://luhy.wordpress.com and please please please help us out!!!!!!!!!
    -Pinkey2we :mrgreen:

  2. nikzilla Says:

    Do i still get the prize???

  3. princebanks Says:

    yes, when Im able I will make your music video! Don’t worry, be happy! 😉

  4. princebanks Says:

    Mr. Green is coming to our website soon, along with special features of our website :mrgreen:

  5. nikzilla Says:

    i might not be able to go to your party. I have indoor soccer and basket ball and a birthday party. 😦

  6. Michaeltexas Says:

    next time u see me can u give me crazy’s chat plz. thx prince

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