I’m not even posting the videos and pictures I promised I’m so sorry. 😦 I’m too busy

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My First Club Penguin Picture!!!

Ok, enjoy!


OMG! I’m finally able to post pictures!!! That means these things are coming:

  • Comics
  • Funny Pictures
  • Printables & Activities
  • Glitches explained by pictures

OMG! I can’t wait!!! Here’s information of how the pictures are coming:

  1. 3 Pictures will come along in Saturday or Sunday
  2. The premiere of “Funny Pictures” will be in NOVEMBER 30
  3. Printables & Activities will take a little bit long…

NOTE FOR AUTHORS: You will be able to post your funny pictures & printables! Just be sure that the funny pictures are Club Penguin themed and you made them. If not, the funny picture will be deleted and your role will be changed.

By the way I’m updating “Prince Banks Videos” with Gummy Bear & A Penguin’s Day


New Club Penguin Music Video! Gummybear!

Yay! The new music video! Thanks to Dark Chill and sorry I didn’t told you about this I was just bored and decided to make this 🙂

By the way, I got 40 subscribers and I look forward to get 50 because I’m making party!

Ooops gtg bye!

-Prince Banks

“7 Things” Club Penguin Music Video

I finally made it! It’s avaible in “Prince Banks Videos”!

People that helped:

  • Crazy Ha
  • Oscar One
  • Nintendokid
  • Posywillos
  • Aprila
  • Nikzilla
  • Dark Chill
  • Moon Man28
  • Roast Coffee
  • Plinfa/You2112
  • Yoshiman64
  • Platano111
  • Fabulousx3

Some are mentioned but they weren’t in the video because they were in clips I couldn’t use 😦

Thanks for helping!

-Prince Banks

“Fairy Fables” Catalog Secret!

Hey! Prince Banks here! I just figured out this secret in the stage catalog! There’s a radio in the catalog as you see:


Click on the radio and you get the hidden item: THE SILVER WAND the silver wand

Finally I’m able to post pictures let’s see if it’s the same with Club Penguin pictures!!!

-Prince Banks

Too Many Videos To Make!

omg I haven’t even finished the other ones!!!
Here is the list of the videos I’m starting to record today in Club Penguin:

  • 7 Things: Music Video
  • Thanksgiving Adventure
  • Fairy Fables – POSSIBLE
  • The Ninja & Me!

So fans, support me!!! If you get asked to record go plz!!!

-Prince Banks

Read Before Getting in “Aprila’s Mortal Korner”

Ok, Aprila made his own section called “Aprila’s Mortal Korner” and it has VIOLENCE content such as blood so you have to play Mortal Kombat. So you better keep the password until you get the game and YOU get total permission to use it because it has violence such as blood

Sorry we posted it, it was Aprila’s idea…

-Prince Banks