A Storm is Coming…

Prince Banks here! I went to the binoculars. I was very happy 🙂 But suddenly, OMG! G tricked us! It is not an eclipse, it’s a storm!

  That gave me the great idea of a video!

“The Penguin That Wanted To Fly – G’s Tricky Invention” which is coming with the pie dance today or tomorrow but of course before the Halloween Party. :p It’s impossible that G tricks me. 😆

Let’s change theme: Ummm…. Ok this is weird! Today I was entering to YouTube and I found this video, which is actually the “Bing Bang” song from that show called Lazy-Town! Wow, that’s weird! Here’s the remix of the song, which is actually sticky and I have it in my head all day :p

Well, if you want to meet me in Club Penguin get in right now in a random server. I’m also going to make a challenge “Total Randomness!”, a coming soon contest. Remember to enter to The Oreo contest and comment your song in that page!


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