Note For Nikzilla

Hey Nikzilla! I heard you just returned from Disney-Land! I hope you had fun! Well, you missed the making of the Dora video (lol) but you were there for the comedy one, that’s good. Swanbiff had a great idea and we started to make fun stuff! “In search of Rockhopper”, which was Swanbiff’s idea. It will be about us searching for Rockhopper all around Club Penguin. (It will have comedy!) So I will be there in Saturday waiting for you so we can start the recording. So I hope you had fun in Disney-Land! (Note: Tell Filpalot we need her too and comment).

Anyway, you should listen to this song:


7 Responses to “Note For Nikzilla”

  1. nikzilla Says:

    Ya I just got back. Who told you? So I can’t make it on clubpenguin saturday. 😦

  2. flipalot Says:

    ya i can go on cp on sat

  3. flipalot Says:

    ps:i know that song on the music video

  4. princebanks Says:

    K! Don’t be SO worried, it’s just a video! And you told me that you returned yesterday LOL!!!!!

  5. flipalot Says:

    i was so fun .LOL

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