Penguin Style Halloween Costumes Released!

Hello Penguins Prince Banks and Manxmnx here:

The new Penguin Style catalog was released today and it’s full of Halloween costumes!

There’s a lot going on in Club Penguin this month and the costume update is just the beginning! A Halloween Igloo decorating contest will get underway in a couple weeks and you know what that means–new Halloween furniture for your igloo! And of course a Halloween party at the end of the month!

As always we love to hear what creative ideas and feedback you have about the costumes! Let us know what you like and even what you think could be improved.

Until then…waddle on!

-Prince Banks and Manxmnx


3 Responses to “Penguin Style Halloween Costumes Released!”

  1. nikzilla Says:

    If u are wondering where I am i’m in disneyland so I wont be on cp until the 17th.

  2. princebanks Says:

    yay! Disneyland! I went there too! Get on Space Mountain it makes you dizzy lol

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