Cool Club Penguin Toys!

Wow! I saw this picture of some new Club Penguin toys! They look sweet!  They will arrive in October 24, and they will be for sale in Disney Shopping, The Club Penguin Online Store and Toys R Us. I don’t live in U.S.A so I will never be able to get them 😦 OR!!! I can ask my cousin that lives in United States to buy me one! 😆 Top-Secret Party is in Thursday!!! BAD NEWS: I can’t take pictures… So I think I will record!!! Keep reading for more information of my Top-Secret Party. Remember to get in my Boiler Room: because I had the idea of making a paarty of the Boiler Room too! So many parties in Prince Banks Studios. I am also changing my board image for something themed with Halloween. Remember is Top-Secret month, everything I can say 😆 OK ANOTHER THING OF TOP-SECRET MONTH: When the party is done, it means that Top-Secret Month is over, and the Spooky Month starts. So have fun! Keep reading the site and the Boiler Room!

-Prince Banks 🙂


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