“Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” Coming Soooon….

Happy Top-Secret Month! I was thinking of having two blogs. And this is something I don’t want to keep in Top-Secret. “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” is a coming soon project, that may start with construction today. It will be a blog with LOTS of stories, like the Club Penguin Boiler Room, it has lots of OLD newspapers, and they all have a story to tell! So “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” construction starts TODAY. Note: we also need authors for the site, and if you want to, “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room”, when the blog comes out of course…
 The first story in “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” will be called “Dieg1000’s Ninja Adventure”. So keep reading the blog for more information of the “Top-Secret Party”, “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” and LOTS of coming stuff!!!!

Have a nice day!

-Prince Banks


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