Top Secret Month and Prince Banks Parade is coming!

As I said before, the next video will be Top Secret! Mwahahaha!!!  It was recorded in one day and now we are in the editing. And if you are wondering why I am keeping stuff Top-Secret it’s because it’s the Top-Secret month in Prince Banks Studios. It will end in…. I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU! IT’S ALSO TOP-SECRET 😆 Anyway, here’s something not SOOO Top-Secret: the making of the Top-Secret party. It’s going to be cool. Keep checking the site for future info of the Top-Secret Party in Prince Banks Studios.

Prince Banks Parade

We are having a tradition in Prince Banks Studios! The Prince Banks Parade! It’s coming sooooooon…. AND REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NOT THE TOP-SECRET PARTY.

Have a nice day!!!

-Prince Banks


2 Responses to “Top Secret Month and Prince Banks Parade is coming!”

  1. Pikabye81 Says:

    Awesome! I cant wait! All your vids are perfect and Hilarious, so I already got my popcorn… Got any butter?

  2. princebanks Says:

    Hmm… I heard there’s a butter sale in Wal*Mart! lol

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