Busy Day! / Important News

NOTE: Nikzilla, read the comments.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME TODAY? I MADE TWO VIDEOS… 😆 TO CHECK OUT MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO, IT’S IN THE PRINCE BANKS VIDEOS SECTION. IT’S IN SPANISH. Oh! Thanks Filpalot and Nikzilla, for helping. And don’t forget Pikabye81! My music video’s song is “El Verano Terminó”, performed by the winners of the TV Show: “High School Musical: La Selección”. And those winners participated in the movie “High School Musical: El Desafío”, it’s a mexican version of High School Musical.

These are the girls:

And these are the boys:



I also wanted to tell you about a future project. It’s going to be a webshow. Like iCarly. But it’s a suprise so I can’t say the name…. My next video will be also a surprise 🙂

Have a nice day!

-Prince Banks


2 Responses to “Busy Day! / Important News”

  1. princebanks Says:

    I figured out that the rumors I told you yesterday are PURE LIES!!!! And I don’t think that Pikabye81 is telling us the true, but we STILL have to scape from Dragons. So remember: They wear the viking helmet, red or blue. Also, don’t get mad at me, about the things I said like: “Your sister is the Dragon’s main target!” or “They want me!” because I was just playing…. So don’t get mad at me. Remember: You are one of my best friends and if I lose you, the studio, the gang, and the videos will not be the same. 😦 Sorry for saying those things…


    -Prince Banks (Director of the Studio)

  2. nikzilla Says:

    It’s ok. I don’t mind. 🙂

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