Rockstar Trouble and Poll Fixed

The Friday’s Poll is fixed! Now we have a new poll! But we have VERY bad news…. The Rockstar Dream is now becoming the Rockstar Trouble! Every single penguin that I hired is always missing when I am going to record! Help me make the ROCKSTAR TROUBLE become THE ROCKSTAR DREAM by auditioning! If you were in a Prince Banks Video once, we will give you a minor role, I mean, a role that doesn’t has many scenes, to give others a chance… However, we need YOU.

You don’t have to get in Club Penguin for being in the video, just send an e-mail to with your information (if you are a member, what’s your username….)

And you don’t have to be famous for being in it, so remember:

“Who cares if your famous or not, Prince Banks Studios is for making penguins MORE famous!”

The message that Rockstar Dream – The Musical will leave in your hearts will be:

“Follow your dreams, don’t give up, GO FOR IT!”  That phrase will be used as a line in the video.

We have 6 roles avaible. For getting the 6th role you must have a Club Penguin TV Show in You-Tube, with at least 2 episodes, we will also include your Club Penguin TV Show in “Rockstar Dream! – The Musical”.

And if you are sending me a mail for being in the video: Practice the song “What I Like About You” by Lillix

Here’s the music video so you can practice it:

-Prince Banks


6 Responses to “Rockstar Trouble and Poll Fixed”

  1. flipalot Says:

    I know that song! lol

  2. nikzilla Says:

    ok i can try doin this vid! 🙂

  3. princebanks Says:

    ok! meet you in CP (Saturday, 13, 11:37 (PENGUIN STANDART TIME), server WOOLSOCKS

  4. princebanks Says:

    whats your email?

  5. princebanks Says:

    comment your e-mail so I can send you your lines instead of telling you what to do

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