Meet The Rockstars!

Hurray! 🙂 The cast from: “Prince Banks: Rockstar Dream!” is now chosen! All I can say is that we will have Swanbiff from “Journey To The TV” in another Prince Banks adventure! We will also have the debut of a new member in Prince Banks studios. But it’s not just one new member! There are lots of them! This video is dedicated to the Penguin Band Members!

 Thanks to this video, Swanbiff has a girlfriend now!   We are making everything possible in the making of this video. We just can’t wait of showing it to the world! It will make you JAM! It will make you DANCE! It will make you SING! It will make you START THE PARTY! “Prince Banks: Rockstar Dream! – THE MUSICAL!” is coming soon to the YouTube community!  I also made an update in the new “Friday’s Poll” section! Remember to tell us what you think of “Prince Banks: Rockstar Dream! -THE MUSICAL” to

-Prince Banks


4 Responses to “Meet The Rockstars!”

  1. filpalot Says:

    Can I be in another vid?

  2. nikzilla Says:

    can i be in another vid?
    Sorry i wrote my sister’s penguin.

  3. princebanks Says:

    Yeah you can, in the 6th video because the 5th video will be a tutorial… All I can say those tutorials will be cool and they will show you something………. It’s a MISTERY

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