Cool Club Penguin Toys!

Wow! I saw this picture of some new Club Penguin toys! They look sweet!  They will arrive in October 24, and they will be for sale in Disney Shopping, The Club Penguin Online Store and Toys R Us. I don’t live in U.S.A so I will never be able to get them 😦 OR!!! I can ask my cousin that lives in United States to buy me one! 😆 Top-Secret Party is in Thursday!!! BAD NEWS: I can’t take pictures… So I think I will record!!! Keep reading for more information of my Top-Secret Party. Remember to get in my Boiler Room: because I had the idea of making a paarty of the Boiler Room too! So many parties in Prince Banks Studios. I am also changing my board image for something themed with Halloween. Remember is Top-Secret month, everything I can say 😆 OK ANOTHER THING OF TOP-SECRET MONTH: When the party is done, it means that Top-Secret Month is over, and the Spooky Month starts. So have fun! Keep reading the site and the Boiler Room!

-Prince Banks 🙂


My Boiler Room is Out!

Wow! I can’t believe I finished it SO soon! Staff needed for the Boiler Room 😆 WHEN YOU GET THERE CHECK OUT THE “ABOUT” PAGE BECAUSE IT HAS IMPORTANT STUFF FOR EVERYONE, AND FOR THE ONES THAT WANTS TO JOIN THE STAFF! Visit for cool stories!

-Prince Banks

“Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” Coming Soooon….

Happy Top-Secret Month! I was thinking of having two blogs. And this is something I don’t want to keep in Top-Secret. “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” is a coming soon project, that may start with construction today. It will be a blog with LOTS of stories, like the Club Penguin Boiler Room, it has lots of OLD newspapers, and they all have a story to tell! So “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” construction starts TODAY. Note: we also need authors for the site, and if you want to, “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room”, when the blog comes out of course…
 The first story in “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” will be called “Dieg1000’s Ninja Adventure”. So keep reading the blog for more information of the “Top-Secret Party”, “Prince Banks’ Boiler Room” and LOTS of coming stuff!!!!

Have a nice day!

-Prince Banks

Top Secret Month and Prince Banks Parade is coming!

As I said before, the next video will be Top Secret! Mwahahaha!!!  It was recorded in one day and now we are in the editing. And if you are wondering why I am keeping stuff Top-Secret it’s because it’s the Top-Secret month in Prince Banks Studios. It will end in…. I AM NOT GOING TO TELL YOU! IT’S ALSO TOP-SECRET 😆 Anyway, here’s something not SOOO Top-Secret: the making of the Top-Secret party. It’s going to be cool. Keep checking the site for future info of the Top-Secret Party in Prince Banks Studios.

Prince Banks Parade

We are having a tradition in Prince Banks Studios! The Prince Banks Parade! It’s coming sooooooon…. AND REMEMBER THAT THIS IS NOT THE TOP-SECRET PARTY.

Have a nice day!!!

-Prince Banks

Busy Day! / Important News

NOTE: Nikzilla, read the comments.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME TODAY? I MADE TWO VIDEOS… 😆 TO CHECK OUT MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO, IT’S IN THE PRINCE BANKS VIDEOS SECTION. IT’S IN SPANISH. Oh! Thanks Filpalot and Nikzilla, for helping. And don’t forget Pikabye81! My music video’s song is “El Verano Terminó”, performed by the winners of the TV Show: “High School Musical: La Selección”. And those winners participated in the movie “High School Musical: El Desafío”, it’s a mexican version of High School Musical.

These are the girls:

And these are the boys:



I also wanted to tell you about a future project. It’s going to be a webshow. Like iCarly. But it’s a suprise so I can’t say the name…. My next video will be also a surprise 🙂

Have a nice day!

-Prince Banks

My Tutorial

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to tell that my tutorial is out. It’s now in the Prince Banks Videos Section. Enjoy it!

-Prince Banks

My Drawing!

I made a cute drawing of a puffle! That’s why I am making a tutorial of How-To-Draw a puffle! It will be very short, and not as long as my other videos. 🙂 The drawing is in the bottom…. I will post when the video is ready…….

-Prince Banks